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Disk Pulse Pro 12.4

Monitor disk changes in real time and save reports and monitoring statistics
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Those interested or in charge of knowing which and how many changes take place on a certain disk, directory, or even file, will find DiskPulse Pro a useful tool to monitor and report whatever changes occur in the selected targets. Not only provides you with real-time monitoring of the files being changed, but also with useful pie and bar charts, statistics, printable reports, and even e-mail notifications to warn you about changes on sensitive files.

DiskPulse Pro shares the look and feel of other Flexense disk-based utilities, such as DiskBoss, DiskAdvise, DiskSavvy, etc. In this case, the program will ask you which disks, folders, subfolders, etc., you wish it to keep an eye on. Once you’ve selected the target locations, it’ll start monitoring them right away, and you’ll see how the main panel of the program’s interface begins to fill with messages informing you of which files have been modified, renamed, created, or deleted. Each change is documented with the file name, the exact time the change happened, the operation performed, the owner of the file, and its full path. Each of the four operations monitored has its own color code, so that you can locate at a glance which files have been created (green), deleted (red), or renamed (orange) among the usually more numerous modified files (yellow).

This excellent monitoring and reporting tool offers a wide range of filters to narrow the range of files or directories you wish the program to cover – programs, extensions, Windows files, temporary files, documents and text files, audio or video files, Internet files, etc. As for its reporting capabilities, it offers HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, and XML report formats, as well as pie and bar charts that you can filter by extension, file type, user name, and, of course, change type. DiskPulse Pro can also export your data to an SQL database, if so required.

This Pro version of the program is, actually, the basic one in terms of functionality. If you require advanced monitoring and reporting, you can upgrade to the Ultimate, Server, or Enterprise versions, which will also provide you with monitoring for a higher number of files and storage capacity (unlimited in the Enterprise version). None of the versions of DiskPulse has a low price tag, but you can always check the trial version first and see for yourself the real value of all the information it provides.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Produces extensive reports
  • E-mails you sensitive disk change information if so desired
  • Displays comprhensive statistics on disk changes
  • Provides colorful pie charts and bar graphs
  • Exports data to SQL databases


  • Requires you to pay a pricey fee
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